An 88x31 button with a girl who says 'Occaisonally Content' in a speech bubble. an 88x31 button with the url '', animated in a green browser An 88x31 button that says 'A little novelty' next to a picture of the pokemon Jigglypuff. An animated 88x31 button with an angel flying through the clouds dragging a banner that says 'Cinni's Dream Home'. An 88x31 button with a cute sparkly background, just showing the ears of a white teddybear with a gold halo, the shine on the halo is animated. 'Teddybear Halo' is written above it. An 88x31 button with the head of a person wearing glasses is animated rising up from the bottom, looking around, then going back down again. A green 88x31 button with a cartoon snail next to text that says 'Snail Legs'. A 88x31 button with a cartoon girl with sheep horns in front of a lighthouse on a cliff near a forest. 'cloverbell' is written at the top, with a wiggly animation. An 88x31 button that says 'Þe Satyrs’ Foreſt' next to a complicated logo featuring purple grapes, white antlers, and white stars, all on an inverted triangle. The triangle is enclosed by a rainbow circle that has words on it, but it's too small to see. An 88x31 button that says '>ngmi' andimated like it is typing. It flashes constantly between black and white. A website button that reads 'Digipiedra', with three smiley face icons at the bottom. A pink and purple 88x31 button that says 'SHY'. There are animated gold sparkles around it. A purple 88x31 button that says '>Cyuucat_' next to a small white cat with a heart. The underscore is animated, blinking. An 88x31 button, two people are peaking over a wall, the tops of their heads cut off and their brains showing. 'chainsawEd' floats over the image from right to left. Text of 'Online Spyware Watchdog', with a German Shepard sitting next to it. A website banner leading to the Owls' Nest. It has a blue/green splotchy background and says 'Owls' Nest' next to a picture of an owl. A green 88x31 button that says '' next to a lightning bolt. A 88x31 button that is split into three sections: a dark one with white dots, a complicated one with lots of different colours, and a tan one with white sparkles. 'unhumans' is written on top in a white font.

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Here's our button if you want to link to us:
A white 88x31 button with a black outline. It flashes through a series of icons: a feather, an eye, a crown, a paw, a peace symbol, and a cloud with rain. It ends with the text 'Wesaakos.' animated like it is typing.

Cool Things

Wolfman Museum of Art

An epic virtual gallery. We got lost exploring this place!


A series of theoretical habitable planets and worldbuilding experiments. Really, really cool!

An alternate view of evolution outside the usual Neo-Darwinist perspective.

Atlas of Endangered Alphabets

Information about indigenous and minority writing systems.

When you browse Instagram and find former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's passport number

An absolutely hilarious story!

Kitten Academy Live Stream

Adorable kittens, 24/7, forever!

Comic Fury

Like Neocities, but for webcomics.

Structured Procrastination

How to make procrastination productive.