A pencil sketch of a botoo bird.


Hello! We are Wesaakos. We're a group of Aspie NEETs (no longer! we have a job now!!!) sharing a body. None of us fit into the standard societal mold, and we delight in eschewing all kinds of boxes and labels.

We are all pretty creative. Many of us like to draw, and some of us like to make stories, and some of us like to code.

This website is a collection of everything we find worth sharing. Mostly fandom and art, but also some of our thoughts and experiences.

Here's a button if you want to link to us:
A white 88x31 button with a black outline. It flashes through a series of icons: a feather, an eye, a crown, a paw, a peace symbol, and a cloud with rain. It ends with the text 'Wesaakos.' animated like it is typing.

Other places you can find us:

Archive Of Our Own

Hosted by Neocities


What does "Wesaakos" mean?

It's Proto-Celtic for "raven"!

What programs/materials do y'all use for your art?

We mostly use Krita and Inkscape for 2D, Blender for 3D. If other tools were used, it will be specified in the description.

So...there's more than one of you?

Yes. There are multiple people living in this body. It's typically called being "plural" or "multiple". Now, please remember that this is our personal site, not a general information site. We aren't obligated to explain anything to you. If you want more information on what plurality means in general, look elsewhere.

As for us, just get to know us like you would any other person. Just treat us with respect and don't make assumptions, and you'll be fine.